Harmony Amidst Turmoil


Chronicles of the everlasting pilgrims


"As the rising artists deliver a superbly thought-provoking track brimming with authenticity and raw honesty, they courageously step into their full artistic potential while supporting and championing their beloved nation of Ukraine."Flex Music Blog

"With a message of hope and resilience layered throughout, the pair are facing down the conflict with tremendous pride and passion."Music Crowns

"The fast-rising duo, based out of Kyiv, are undoubtedly artists born out of organic growth and collaboration, possessing a unique talent for the creation of thought-provoking projects rooted in unfeigned experiences."World Play Magazine


In the midst of adversity and upheaval, Polyvoda was forged from the fires of resilience as Kyrylo Chykhradze and Denys Levchenko came together in the chaos of besieged Kyiv in 2022. With a combined wealth of experience, including 12 albums, 200 million streams, and 1000 gigs across 15 countries, Kyrylo and Denys have embarked on a new musical journey, fusing their talents to create a distinctive and captivating sound.Polyvoda's music weaves a tapestry of alternative, organic indie, and hip-hop fusion, delivering rich harmonies and melodies that evoke a sense of harmony in the midst of turmoil. Their debut album, "Pilgrims Never Come Back," currently under development, delves into the transformative experiences of the 15 million displaced Ukrainians seeking hope and solace. The album's title encapsulates the profound impact of these life-changing journeys, whether they stem from spiritual growth or adversity.In collaboration with renowned musicians from Ukraine, the US and Canada, Polyvoda transcends geographic boundaries through their collective creativity. Their 2022 singles rapidly garnered 100k streams, with all proceeds dedicated to the reconstruction efforts in Ukraine. As Kyrylo and Denys continue to shape their debut album, they invite you to embark on a transcendent voyage that unites the world through the unifying power of music and the enduring spirit of resilience.



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